Allied Shipping Agencies have endeavoured best to maintain strong long term relationships with our esteemed clients.
Few of our clientele include:

Daitoh Trading Co Ltd : The company is based in Tokyo and owns/charters chemical tankers among many other enterprises.

Serromah Shipping : The company is based in Rotterdam and operates almost 4-5 chemical tankers a month from the Indian West Coast to the Middle East and Western Europe

Jayant Agro-Organics : Amongst one of the largest exporters of Caster Seed Meal / Rape Seed Meal from India, Jayant Agro is emerging into a global oleochemical company.

Orient Chemical Inc (OCI) : OCI is a global green energy and chemical company founded in 1959 in South Korea. It manufactures chemical products in renewable energy sector and in petroleum & coal chemical sector and inorganic sector.